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Heroes In Vulnerability is a photography project that tells the stories of HIV through the individuals eyes who have experienced it first hand, whether that be personally, within their circles or professional career. The Heroes In Vulnerability project looks to empower those affected by HIV, help eradicate the stigma and normalise conversation surrounding HIV, Aids and everything in between, honoring the ones we have lost and encouraging those still with us today that no one is alone and every life is beautiful, meaningful and there is so much love and laughter to be shared and so much strength and power in our vulnerability.


"In a sense one can argue that the Heroes In Vulnerability Project is my project, but it doesn't feel that way to me, I didn't want it to be mine or about me, because it's not my story to tell, it's not my viewpoint that matters, in this equation my only interest it to be a facilitator and to do these amazing people justice who have been so giving in their vulnerability. To me this exhibition is more of a gift to them. I do hope though that people see their beauty the way I have been able to see it, I hope that's what people take with them, and a sense of encouragement  and empowerment that there is so much strength in our vulnerability."


 - Cat Couture


Combining the mediums of Photography, Journalism, and Film, multidisciplinary Artist Cat Couture created a unique experience in the form of an exhibition at the Tabernacle Gallery In Notting Hill, London, from Monday 26th November - Sunday 2nd December, which was organised in association with The Power Of Love London.


All profits from the exhibition are donated to the Terrence Higgins Trust, who do amazing work in supporting people who have been diagnosed with HIV.





Video filmed by Jonny Graziano


Edited by Cat Couture

End of January and early February Cat Couture will be taking the Heroes In Vulnerability Project to Berlin, to interview more people and tell their stories. If you are living in Berlin, are HIV positive, have a loved one who is HIV positive or your work involves mental or physical health for people who have been diagnosed, I would love to tell your story and photograph you in all your honesty, strength and vulnerability.

Email team@amorosofilms.com