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With British, Trinidadian and Venezuelan heritage, Cat Couture (Catharine Rachel Couture Amoroso Bolaji) was born in Kings Lynn England. She spent her formative years in Switzerland whilst attended the international school system, where she wrote a book of poetry, choreographed for the advanced dance class, wrote and composed music, wrote for the theatre group and painted series of works whilst also being on the athletics team, swim team, soccer team, ski and snowboard team.


After High School, Couture went on to study film and acting, later writing and producing short films, commercials and co-producing fringe theatre in London (The Winterling), which received four-star reviews and critics choice from Time Out. Couture also had a 6-year career in front of the camera working as a TV presenter, interviewing the likes of Alicia Keys, Adam Lambert and The Black Eyed Peas. In 2015 Couture signed to Sony Music Entertainment Switzerland writing and recording her debut album. Highlights included performing her debut single Bitching at the NRJ Fashion Night in front of 7’500 people. Soon after the release of her first single, Couture was dropped from her former label, remaining in a two year contractual limbo, unable to record or release music.


During this time Couture founded her own London based film and photography company Amoroso Films, which led to directing music videos for Shaé Universe, Sincerely Wilson, KYRA and Andrea Di Giovanni as well as photographing cover stories for Big Fish Magazine Greece and Majestic Disorder Magazine who’s issues are sold at The Tate Modern and MOMA. Couture also exhibited Heroes In Vulnerability, a photography project that tells the stories of HIV through the individuals eyes who have experienced it first hand. The Heroes In Vulnerability Project looks to empower those affected by HIV, to normalise conversation and eradicate stigma.


In time for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, Couture released the music video for her debut single as an independent artist Loved & Lost, a song that deals with mental health, body image and substance abuse. The song was also featured in the German cinema film Ronny & Klaid, which celebrated its premiere in Berlin late 2019. As an independent artist Couture is recording her debut EP in London, focusing on the theme of mental health, empowerment and overcoming, which is due to be released in 2021.

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